Financial and Operational Models to Success

Get cannabis businesses back on track by putting the right models in place. A cannabis receivership will have the best chance to save a distressed business if the right financial and operational models are put in place.

To get the best outcome in a cannabis receivership, here’s how to structure the process and plan for worst-case scenarios.

A cannabis receivership works most efficiently when cannabis creditors know what to expect up front and needed compliance info and documents are quickly gathered.

Core Benefits of Cannabis Receivership: Transparency and Accountability

Learn more about the cannabis receivership process: A receiver’s focus on cannabis business accountability and transparency benefits all involved parties.

Alternatives to Bankruptcy in Cannabis: When to Enter Into Cannabis Receivership

As states continue to give the green light to medical cannabis programs and / or adult-use recreational sales, entrepreneurs are jumping at the chance to get their piece of the proverbial pie.

What is Cannabis Receivership?

When a cannabis business faces bankruptcy, take steps to protect business assets and recover investments. Here’s a look at how cannabis receivership works.

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