What Are the Challenges Cannabis Receivers and Administrative Collateral Agents (ACAs) Face?

Cannabis receivers and administrative collateral agents both face challenges when helping distressed cannabis businesses.

How Can a Receiver Benefit From United CMC?

Cannabis receivers operating in the distressed cannabis industry can save time and money while getting the best results by working with United CMC.

The Cannabis Industry Will Benefit From This Critical Incident Management Platform 

Critical incident management is an important part of any successful business. Learn how a cannabis incident management system works.

Judicial Receivership vs. Administrative Receivership: What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between an administrative receivership and a judicial receivership? It centers on streamlining the process for a cannabis business in distress.

Introducing Critical Incident Management Support for the Cannabis Industry

What is critical incident management for cannabis businesses? Here’s an inside look at this specialized solution that helps solve and document critical incidents.

A Lifeline for Distressed Cannabis Businesses: The Administrative Collateral Agent

An alternative to cannabis receiverships: How the ACA model improves the process

A Path Forward for Distressed Cannabis Businesses

An administrative collateral agent helps cannabis businesses avoid a judicial receivership in favor of a less expensive administrative receivership.   

Introducing an Administrative Collateral Agent

As cannabis debt financing increases, cannabis receivership is on the rise. The use of administrative and collateral agents (ACAs) could offer solutions to some of the industry’s problems.

Finding and Choosing the Right Cannabis Receiver For Your Business: Where Do You Start?

Finding and choosing a cannabis receiver to address your distressed cannabis business is not an easy decision. Take the time to make the right choice.

What Are the Tools For Success For a Cannabis Receiver?

Cannabis receivers can follow six steps that ensure they are successful in their efforts to do what is best on behalf of a distressed cannabis business.

Strategy and Reports: When Cannabis Receivers Should Meet With Regulators:

Cannabis receivers should establish relationships with cannabis regulators to listen, learn and understand requirements that will facilitate receivership goals.

Due Diligence: What Receivers Need to Know

Cannabis receivers must do their due diligence prior to accepting the job in order to effectively operate on behalf of the distressed cannabis business.

How Do You Protect Intellectual Property In a Cannabis Receivership?

Cannabis intellectual property is often overlooked or undervalued during business receivership. Here’s what cannabis investors and owners need to know.

What Do Cannabis Receivers Need to Know Before They Put Their Name In the Hat? 

Cannabis receivers need guidance to successfully navigate the unknowns of the process

Investment & Distressed Assets In Cannabis: Navigating And Managing Risk In Today’s Market

New investment into the cannabis industry has recently slowed down due to a combination of stifling regulations, economic uncertainty, lack of access to capital and restrictive banking options.

Controlling Cost in a Cannabis Receivership

Cannabis receiverships are costly. Learn how to best define the scope by taking the proper steps to keep expenses in check.

Monitoring goals and targets can help avoid the financial uncertainty of receivership 

Cannabis businesses in distress have options in addition to receivership: Set risk mitigation goals and objectives with creditors to achieve debt resolution.

United CMC Founder Dotan Y. Melech Featured in Cannabis Business Times

Cannabis Business Times recently called upon United CMC’s Founder, President and Executive Director of Corporate Monitoring & Consulting Services for his insight into the options for relief that creditors have when cannabis businesses become distressed.

When Bankruptcy is Not an Option: Alternatives For Cannabis Companies

Receivership can accomplish everything that a workout can, but is also the most expensive option, according to UnitedCMC, which acts as a receiver for distressed businesses. Typically, the court appoints a receiver at the request of the creditors.

“Receivership is an old, tested and proven legal tool to marshal, protect and preserve assets,” according to UnitedCMC President Dotan Y. Melech. “In today’s environment, this can include revocable privileged cannabis licenses as well as cannabis products.”

Understanding the Process of Cannabis Receivership and the Courts

A cannabis receivership relaxes the pressure on distressed cannabis businesses and can only be conducted by order from the court. 

A solid regulatory framework for cannabis receivership is essential for regulated state cannabis markets

A robust regulatory process for cannabis receiverships will benefit everyone involved in the U.S. cannabis industry, and Nevada cannabis regulations are a model program.

Financial and Operational Models to Success

Get cannabis businesses back on track by putting the right models in place. A cannabis receivership will have the best chance to save a distressed business if the right financial and operational models are put in place.

To get the best outcome in a cannabis receivership, here’s how to structure the process and plan for worst-case scenarios.

A cannabis receivership works most efficiently when cannabis creditors know what to expect up front and needed compliance info and documents are quickly gathered.

Core Benefits of Cannabis Receivership: Transparency and Accountability

Learn more about the cannabis receivership process: A receiver’s focus on cannabis business accountability and transparency benefits all involved parties.

Alternatives to Bankruptcy in Cannabis: When to Enter Into Cannabis Receivership

As states continue to give the green light to medical cannabis programs and / or adult-use recreational sales, entrepreneurs are jumping at the chance to get their piece of the proverbial pie.

What is Cannabis Receivership?

When a cannabis business faces bankruptcy, take steps to protect business assets and recover investments. Here’s a look at how cannabis receivership works.

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