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Take Control of Your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Critical Incidents (CI) with our proprietary technology platform.

The CashFlexPro Exigence platform provides complete command and control of critical indicators and incidents, whether for financial, technology operations, or security and business continuity tests.

It uniquely addresses every aspect of a critical incident, turning an unstructured situation into one that is streamlined and easy to manage. The platform coordinates all stakeholders and systems all the time, orchestrating complex workflows from trigger to resolution, simplifying the postmortem, and leveraging lessons learned for ongoing optimization.

With CashFlexPro Exigence you will resolve every critical incident with clarity, structure, and speed, through:

  1. Automated management of the complete incident life cycle, from process launch to postmortem
  2. Full command and control through the Situation Room
  3. Current ad-hoc financial and business reports at your fingertips


Carrot is a customer conversion and retention platform for modern dispensaries. The feature set includes fully integrated e-commerce, comprehensive order management, CRM, and data analytics. Born out of necessity, Carrot was built to address the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness of the fragmented software available to dispensaries. Carrot is uniquely qualified to supplement our operating procedures and create competitive advantages.  Furthermore, Carrot is the cornerstone of our e-commerce order fulfillment processes and will provide the flexibility to seamlessly design logistics for express pick-up, delivery and drive-thru sales.

Project Cobra




Project Cobra is a technology platform developed for liquidating licenses, trademarks and intellectual property in the cannabis industry.   The platform allows for bidders to see the current status of bids, communication from auction administrators while providing privacy without impacting transparency during the auction.