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Due to the increased scrutiny by government regulators, customers and media, cannabis businesses know that a strong, values-based ethics program and an ethical corporate culture can reduce the risk of costly mistakes. We provide objective, third-party perspectives on ethics and compliance programs, ethical cultures, internal processes, controls and best practice to companies and government agencies. Our proprietary technology allows us to monitor key performance indicators and critical incidents in the most efficient cost-effective way available.
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Cannabis Licensing and Compliance: Our team has extensive experience in navigating the specialized licensing and regulatory compliance requirements for the development and  operation of cannabis establishments. We represent many enterprises in the cannabis industry and use our government relations to assist those businesses in obtaining the necessary regulatory  approvals, and state and local licenses to legally operate cannabis establishments. Our reputation within the cannabis industry provides excellent relationships with regulators and other state and local agencies with cannabis related responsibilities.

Some of our compliance services include but are not limited to:

  • Collaboration with management operations team for planning, execution, and oversight of the regulatory and internal compliance.
  • Performing establishment audits and inspections as well as assist with site.
  • Management of compliance inspections, investigations and audits with regulators.
  • Management of assigned as Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting & Compliance (METRC) Key Administrator to ensure seed to sale tracking for all
    cultivation, production, dispensary and distribution business operations.


Our management services help bridge the gaps in all the important business areas that existing entities may be facing. We are positioned to assist with:

  • Staffing and Human Resources (Administrative, Recruitment, Evaluation of Existing Staff)
  • Operations (SOPs)
  • Health and Safety (State & Local Health and COVID-19 Restrictions)
  • Cash Management & Reporting
  • Vendor Relationships
  • Inventory
  • Property Assessment
  • E-commerce & Customer Relationship Management

We’ve tested and proven management protocols and procedures provide transparency, accuracy and accountability.




Our team works to find comprehensive solutions for our clients to protect, maintain, and monetize their assets. Those doing business in cannabis, are subject to extra complication and legal hardship.

We are a vital resource when you are having financial and legal concerns, we can provide solutions to navigate the complexities of the industry and help turn your cannabis business into a profitable, compliant, and growing endeavor.

The team has provided advisory, receivership, bankruptcy and asset management services to some of the nation’s largest financial institutions and government agencies. Our  accomplishments have provided us with valuable experience and unmatched results. We understand the convoluted nature of the legal state of the federal law, and are uniquely positioned to help you produce the best results in this rapidly changing industry. Our team includes professionals with over a combined thirty years of experience in cannabis and business operations.

Our team maintains a hands-on, result-driven approach which is an integral part of our strategy and philosophy. To learn more about our team, click here.


Branding and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) are imperative, if done strategically it leaves a lasting impression on consumers and informs your clientele of your ethos, positioning and values.

Our team has a unique vantage of the industry which only furthers and flourishes the benefits of our expertise. We thrive on working with brands that dominate the cannabis market that utilize our innate ability to identify in on the white space in the industry.

There are many tools and assists that are needed to develop a brand including advertising, customer service, promotional merchandise, reputation, and logo.

Our team particularly specializes in compliance regulations for packaging, and can consult on all the individual state requirements. Our team endures the branding is not only aesthetically pleasing, strategically aligned but also legally compliant.

Our team optimizes your branding, ensuring the reach and brand differentiation converts to sales.

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We offer independent and objective valuation consulting services to the Cannabis industry. Our valuation services work to develop value enhancement strategies, establish best practice processes and procedures, and help with restructuring and exit planning initiatives among many other essential services. Valuations are performed by Gryphon Valuation Consultants, Inc., an independent third-party valuation advisory firm. Contact us directly to understand more about how we can be a part of your team.


Our full-service communications team specializes in high level of engagement with state and local elected officials. Our team has over 50 years of combined government affairs experience ranging from state legislative policy work to local land use and licensing services.

We work with our clients to craft intelligent strategies, to then utilize our skill and experience to achieve meaningful measurable results.

No challenge is too big, no issue too small. We are the government relations experts.

Our work in cannabis policy began in the early stage of Nevada’s medical cannabis legislative efforts, including leading the team to legalize adult use cannabis in the state of Nevada, and our work continues with efforts to improve those laws.


Our team of government affairs specialists are well versed in state regulations and have a strong record of achieving positive results with regulators. Our work with the Nevada Department of Taxation and the Cannabis Compliance Board has resulted in many favorable outcomes for our clients, including efforts to protect licensees and their investors from costly penalties and fines, suspensions, and even revocation of license. We identify and coordinate with niche compliance experts to ensure our clients have the full suite of regulatory support needed to achieve full compliance and succeed in the cannabis marketplace.


For more information on Fiduciary services please visit UnitedAMS.


Specialized programs for the Cannabis Industry:

  • Designing effective employee benefit programs that are easy to use, understand and administer.
  • Providing unbiased access to the employee benefit market’s top insurance carriers and vendors.
  • Providing your organization with the latest technology to streamline the administration of your benefits.
  • Empowering your organization with the educational tools & wellness/prevention strategies necessary for a
    positive benefits experience.
  • Ensuring that your organization is on the cutting-edge of employee benefit program compliance.