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Jason Dvorchak

Jason Dvorchak

Position: Managing Director Corporate Oversight
Jason Dvorchak brings a unique breadth and depth of experience to every complex project he tackles. His background in technology and project management allows him to process the requirements of an opportunity, analyze it from both the big picture to the tactical details, and manage the resources to see it through.
As a project leader within a private equity firm focused on green technology startups, he honed his ability to recognize inherent value and find creative pathways to capitalize on it. Jason repeatedly demonstrated his ability to act as the hub of innovative projects, efficiently communicating and managing everyone (and everything) involved. His unending drive inspires others and keeps the path clear to ensure focus stays on the key objectives while minimizing distractions.
The importance of creating and maintaining the right environment for success, including trusting and respectful relationships, is critical to Jason. He invests the time necessary to ensure they’re maintained. This approach extends to anyone he works with making him approachable and fair. Throughout his experience he has learned that hard decisions are often necessary and he is capable and willing to make them, with strength or compassion, as necessary.His dedication to delivering on a vision is unparalleled.

Unique contributions towards his fields include:
  • Serve as Voice and Interpreter between dissimilar corporations, organization, and industry groups.
  • Established processes and parameters for non-visual support of unfamiliar applications in EPC industry.
  • Reset production and retail operations, resulting in retail profitability after 14 days in cannabis industry.
  • Develop rapid response to critical logic flow and infrastructure in air freight and cargo industry.
  • Board, financial, operational, and organizational oversight across multi-million revenue companies.