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Company Overview

United AMS was founded in 2008 by professionals from the financial, management and consulting industries to provide Asset Management Services for diverse industries nationwide.

United AMS serves as Consultant, Receiver and Trustee in federal, state and private enforcement actions, managing compliance with government regulations and industry practices in a variety of fields such as tax credit, alcohol, tobacco and firearms (ATF), cannabis, financial services, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, transportation, and retail and commerce.

United AMS’ team has handled over 9,000 cases as a fiduciary and an independent consultant throughout the U.S.

United AMS created United CMC (“United Cannabis Monitoring, Management and Compliance Services”) to leverage United AMS’ expertise, infrastructure and extensive experience, with an exclusive focus on the emerging cannabis industry. United CMC’s work includes, but is not limited to, serving as the independent advisor/monitor in cases ranging from ethics, best practices and compliance evaluations of multinational businesses and manufacturers, to monitoring of individual licensed professionals for compliance.

United CMC’s Monitors can hold a variety of titles, including Independent Compliance Officer, Independent Monitor, Compliance Auditor, Special Auditor, Special Ombudsmen, Integrity Monitor, and Ethics and Compliance Expert. Regardless of the titles, our goal is to objectively assess the operational, financial and compliance activities, report our findings and recommendations, and bring value to our clients.

With all clients and engagements, operational experience is paramount with our legal role as receivers being a vital tool. We strive to align ourselves with the needs of the business first and foremost when executing our plan of action. Our services include, but are not limited to, asset management, asset turnaround, & business consulting for both distressed & liquidated assets. Our extensive hands-on team can offer several effective services to help you succeed and navigate this complicated & quickly changing industry.