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Welcome to Cannabis 3.0

The cannabis business (“cannabusiness”) landscape is rapidly evolving. As legal reforms, medical research and market sophistication continue to sway public opinion, green entrepreneurs and veteran business owners are jumping into a fast-moving marketplace that’s not slowing down anytime soon. 

New Era in Cannabis

As the industry matures, complex regulatory demands are mounting and market competition is fiercer than ever. Business leaders need a trusted guide to clear their path to success in this new era of cannabis. After all, who really wants to find themselves facing down issues like operational crises, litigation and distressed assets on their own? And more than that, who wouldn’t want help avoiding such complex issues altogether, if given the choice? Enter United Cannabis Monitoring & Compliance. 








Turnover is Vanity, Cash Flow is Reality, Profit is Sanity.

United AMS

Strategy Partners

Our cannabis services include expertise in monitoring, consulting, management, valuation, branding and regulations.